Large increase in Dutch signing up for product subscriptions


Fifteen percent of the Dutch population currently has a subscription to a product that is delivered periodically. The number of these product subscriptions rose significantly in recent months amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Subscriptions to products related to nutrition and personal care are the most popular ones, RTL Nieuws reported based on a survey by Multiscope.

The nutrition and personal care product subscriptions together make up for almost half of all the subscriptions. In this category, meal box companies such as HelloFresh, or razor blade companies such as Boldking, are popular choices. Other industries seeing an increase in product subscriptions are clothing, drinks and flower industries.

The significant growth in the number of product subscriptions is mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost two thirds (63 percent) of these subscriptions were made in the past year, and 41 percent in the last six months.

Half of the surveyed users named the convenience of not having to go to the store as the main reason for subscribing to products. Other reasons mentioned by the surveyed users were also not having to think about the purchase (38%), availability (28%), good quality (29%), an attractive price (23%) and the surprise effect (22 percent).